More carvings

What do a doctor, a teenager, a farmer and a fireman have in common? These are some of the people who have attended Zoe’s woodcarving classes and produced some wonderful woodcarvings. Each person works on his or her own individual project, be it a carving in relief, in the round or sculptural, lettering or furniture decoration, and is taught how to use hand tools correctly and safely in the relaxed and informal classes.

Other than being aged over 8 years there is no age barrier and you do not need to be artistic nor to have any woodworking experience to enjoy woodcarving. Being an ideal family activity for all ages, you can also share an interest with your youngsters and spend creative leisure time with them away from home in a relaxed and friendly environment. For many, woodcarving is an engaging hobby and a break from the cares of life.

This page shows you some students with their first woodcarvings, several of which were carved by people who had never used hand tools before coming to their woodcarving lessons or had no previous experience of working with wood. You can also see how some of Zoe’s students have progressed with their woodcarvings over time, and see some woodcarvings that have been made by children. 

Some First Carvings
Woodcarving of small boy
Janet's first carving was of her small grandson, carved in lime and finished with wax polish, about 8ins high.
Carving of couple dancing with baby
She continued carving figures based on family members. This is her daughter, son in law and baby dancing at a wedding, carved in Yew wood
Carving on oak clock case panel
Janet's next carving was a relief panel for a clock case which she had made for a family member, her design of oak and papaya leaves reflecting English and Kenyan native flora
lady with first wood spirit carving
Colleen's first carving was a wood spirit, which is the traditional face of a mythical man
Lady with owl, her first woodcarving
Rosemary had always wanted to carve an owl, she used a log of Yew wood, by using the colour contrast between the heart and sapwood she created a stunning first carving
Lady with archery trophy carving
Carole is very keen on archery and for her first carving she made this trophy for her Archery Club, appropriately she used English Yew wood for it
First carving of fern in oak wood
Sophie is carving a relief of ferns in oak wood which will be part of a bookcase when finished
oak leaves and acorn first carving
Andy is carving oak leaves and an acorn using oak wood, his carving will also be part of their bookcase
Finished carvings of oak leaves and ferns
Their first carvings are finished and will be used in a bookcase which Andy and Sophie are making at home
man with carving of sleeping dog
Chuck carved his sleeping dog 'Mischa' from a log of Lime, it is about 11ins long and is finished with wax polish
lady holding carving of kingfisher
Jacky's family gave her some carving days for her birthday present and she carved these kingfishers darting out of the water into willow leaves in relief. She used a section of Beech wood and kept its bark as a border on the carving
lady holding her relief carving of a Cornish engine house
Judith with her carving of a Cornish Engine House, made from a piece of waney edged Acacia wood, it is about 14ins high
Lady carving a green man in limewood
Gill's first carving was a 'Green Man' in Limewood, she is holding it securely in Woodcarver's Chops as she works
first carving of green man in lime wood
Gill had not used hand tools before, though she is good at drawing. Her 'Green Man' is approximately 10ins square and 2ins deep
Relief carving a dog
Brian has made several lovely carvings before, and here, from a photograph he took, he is carving a relief of his dog 'Aqua' to go with a previous carving of his other dog, 'Barney'
Some Woodcarvings made by Children
Small child's carving of a pony
Ellie aged 8 first drew a picture of a pony and carved it then coloured in the outline
Boy carving tractor picture in wood
Aron is carving a picture of a tractor which he drew on his wood
Young boy carving sign for bedroom
Jacob is making a sign for his bedroom in the shape of a fish
Girl holding woodcarving
Our first day at a new school. Aged 11, Katie's carving of herself and her sister in their new school uniform was a Christmas present for their mother
boy carving football trophy
Henry aged 11 is keen on football and made a trophy. Each section on the football at the top of its stand were marked out using a V tool
Some Family Groups
Grandmother and grandson with carvings
Jacob came with his grandmother who continued carving her owl from before. As well as carving his fish bedroom door sign, Jacob made a chess board
family group of woodcarvers
Richard and Carey with their grandson Tidiahn, all of whom had never carved before. Tiddy first made a mallet which he used to carve a snake, Richard's carving was a giraffe and Carey carved a lizard
mother and daughter with their first carvings
Rachel spent a weekend carving with her mother Jane and made a housesign using an oak offcut from their barn conversion, Jane carved some snowdrops in relief
grandfather and grandson with first carvings
Tyler, who carved a mask and a signboard, came with his grandfather whose interest is in classic cars and carved a relief picture of his beloved classic Jaguar car
Mother with sons and their first woodcarvings
Sue enjoyed carving with her teenage sons, Ollie and Tom. She carved some flowers in relief, Ollie made a crab on a rock and Tom made a large scorpion in relief