Commissions and Restorations

Commissioned Work

Commissioned work is undertaken with full reference to your specific requirements. This is ideal if you are looking for that very unique piece or a wood carving particularly suited to someone, for whatever reason. Such carvings are special and you can be sure that you will not find another in the world that is the same.

Have you a special piece of wood with a sentimental value, maybe taken from a tree planted years ago by one of your forebears, perhaps? Could it be made into a special and unique wood carving and be treasured  this present day together with its memories? Provided it is sound timber, this may well be possible.

Would you like a personalised woodcarving as part of your home decor or construction, for example a barn owl carved from an offcut of green oak timber used in a Barn renovation building project or even the ‘rat’ featured below? Please contact Zoe to discuss your project.

A Curious and Interesting Woodcarving Commission

When Zoe was demonstrating woodcarving at a local Show she was asked if she would carve a rat which could hang over a beam in the bedroom of a Barn conversion. Apparently the place had been riddled with vermin and the owner wanted to remind his wife  of this to surprise her on her birthday. 

Zoe drew the profile on the  block  and took away waste wood before starting to carve the rat, then using gouges she rounded the body, narrowed the face and arranged the tail  so that the rat would drape over the beam.

After the main carving was finished the unwanted wood between the tail and the front feet was removed using a saw so that the rat would fit snugly on  the top of the beam looking down from above.

When the tail had been carved on the upper  surface of the block its surface was textured using a fine file to show the fur.

Using small tools the facial features, the feet and ears were carved, then the rest of the  body surfaces  were textured as fur with the file. 

The recipient’s name and birthday date were carved on the plinth. Let’s hope his dear wife was not too startled  to see a rat looking down on her when she woke up on her birthday !

A Small Selection of Some other Woodcarving Commissions
Commissioned woodcarving by Zoe Gertner a signboard in oak for smallholding
Signboard in oak for a smallholding showing some of their livestock
Carved by Zoe Gertner an Oak house sign 'Farthings' commission
House sign 'Farthings' was carved on an Oak bowl turning blank 16ins diameter x 2ins deep, finished with several coats of Danish Oil
Door plaques carved for doors of Hotel bedrooms
Carved door plaques and key fobs for rooms of a Boutique Hotel, the name of each room is depicted in each of the carvings
carved by Zoe Gertner a signboard for cottage
Unique carved commissioned Signboard with raised lettering in Acacia wood for cottage with the lettering and stripes on the bees painted by request
Restorations and Repairs

Below are a couple of figures which Zoe has restored and repaired. The ‘Hansel and Gretel’ figures, originally from a fairground organ, were bought from the Wookey Hole Fairground Museum when it closed. Having been neglected for several years, they were in a poor condition. Paint had peeled away, parts of the carving were rotten or missing and several sections had fallen out. Zoe was asked to restore and repaint the 20 inch high carving to its original state.

Restoring, repairing repainting two wooden fairground figures
Hansel and Gretel carvings being repaired and re-painted
Re-painting flowers on base of restored fairground carving
Painting the flowers on the base
The damaged hand needed to be rebuilt ready for painting
Gretel's hand needed to be re-built before it could be repainted
Repairing Gretel's plaits
Repairing damage to Gretel's plaits
Back view of Hansel and Gretel after restoration
Back view of Hansel and Gretel after restoration
restored fairground figures
Restored and repainted Hansel and Gretel fairground figures
Restored figure of golfer
Golfer figure with golf club and ball about 24 ins height
Restored figure of golfer with golf club
Back view of restored figure of golfer with golf club

If you have a woodcarving that needs repair or restoration, or a special commission in mind, please contact Zoe to discuss your requirements.