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This page shows you some of the woodcarving commissions and restorations which Zoe has carried out for individual clients at their request. The examples shown on this page have been specially made and are not for general sale, but Zoe is always open to ideas so if you have a particular unique or unusual carving you would like her to make specially for you, please contact Zoe to discuss your requirements.

 You can, however, purchase some of Zoe's unique  woodcarvings for sale   and there are more details of these on our Shop page.


A curious and interesting carving

While Zoe was demonstrating woodcarving at South West Forest Woodfair  she was asked if she would carve a rat which could hang over a beam in the bedroom of a Barn conversion using an offcut of Oak. Apparently the place had been riddled with vermin and the owner wanted to remind his wife of this for her birthday present.

Zoe drew the profile on the block and sawed away the waste wood before starting the carving proper. Then using gouges she rounded the body, narrowed the face, detailed it and arranged the tail to hang down so the rat would drape over the beam.


Major carving completed, the unwanted area between the front feet and tail was removed so that the rat would fit over a 7in wide beam.

Using a fine file, the rat was given a textured surface, and the recipient's name and birthday date carved on the plinth.




Let's hope his dear wife was not too startled when she woke up on her birthday.

A House Sign - 'Farthings'
An Oak turning blank was used, and the enlarged picture of the coin was drawn on its face, omitting the date and adding the letter 'S'.

The border was cut round first, followed by the outline of the wren.



The background was removed from around the letters and the bird, then the wren was modelled and its features carved.




Indents were punched around the edge of the coin to represent its raised pattern.


Several coats of Danish Oil were applied to the finished carving.


The Finished House Sign, 'Farthings'.

This carving was featured in 'Woodcarving' Magazine, issue 144, May/June 2015


A Fairground Figure Carving Restoration
Originally from a fairground organ, the carving was bought when Wookey Hole Fairground Museum closed. Having been neglected, Hansel and Gretel were in a poor condition. Paint had peeled away, parts of the carving were rotten or missing and several sections had fallen out. Zoe was asked to restore the 20inch high wood carving to its original state.

Hansel and Gretel were in a poor state.

Zoe extracted the old loose filler which had been applied previously, removed and replace the rotten areas, then re-carved the missing arm and hands, fitting them in place ready for painting.


All loose flaking paint was removed.


The carving was lightly abraded before re-painting started.

Each paint colour was carefully matched to its original and several coats applied using fine paintbrushes.

The grasses and flowers on the base were last to be painted.

The Hansel and Gretel carving restoration took about 2 months to complete.


Commissioned work

  •  is undertaken with full reference to your specific requirements. This is ideal if you are looking for that special commemorative piece or  a carving particularly suited to someone, for whatever reason. Such carvings are unique and you can be sure that you will not find another in the world that is the same.


  • Have you a special piece of wood with a sentimental value, perhaps from a tree planted years ago, that you may like made into a unique carving? Provided it is sound, this may well be possible.


  • Would you like a personalised woodcarving as part of your home construction, for example, a barn owl or relief picture carved from an offcut of green oak timber used in a barn renovation? Or even the rat featured above?



    Please contact Zoe to discuss your project, then we can find the best way to proceed, be it through pictures, drawings or a personal visit.


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