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 Our Gran, who's eighty four, loves having her hair done. Every other week she's off to 'Kuts 'n Kurls' in town, where Marlene, her regular stylist, fills her in with all her family doings in the last fortnight while she washes and sets Gran's rollers in place. Under the hairdryer Gran enjoys a cup of coffee and catches up with a copy of 'My Chat' magazine. Restored again, Gran steps out from the salon looking and feeling a million dollars and heads for home on the bus.

The 'Hairdresser'  is carved directly from one piece' of Cornish Cherry wood using hand tools only. It is approximately 16 inches high by 14 inches wide, finished with wax polish. The log of Cornish Cherry was obtained from near Liskeard a few years ago.


The carving was made from a single piece of cherrywood, the gaps between the figures were drilled with a brace and bit and then shaped using various woodcarving gouges. See more...


Small gouges were used for carving the features and fine details.


 A V tool was used for texturing the hair lying over the curlers.



Gran's hair was aligned between the hairdresser's hands and rolled round the top curler in the correct direction.



See more pictures showing how Zoe carved the Hairdresser .


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