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English Walnut Snail

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Approximately 15in high, 15in wide and 29in long  and carved from from a single piece of well seasoned English walnut wood finished with Danish Oil, this carving would make an impressive tactile display in a large foyer, hallway or office boardroom as well as a private home. 

The timber, a crotch of Walnut, before I began carving the snail, together with a smaller version.

Halfway through the carving the shape of the snail is beginning to emerge. Here I am using a deep 'Robert Sorby' gouge with a heavy mallet for the initial shaping because the timber is very tough.

The deep gouge cuts have been removed, and using my spokeshave, a traditional hand tool, the surface of the snail shell is smoothed before I begin carving its spiral.

The spiral is marked and can now be carved on the smooth surface.


The tooling made by cutting with a deep gouge on the body and base of the snail gives a wonderful tactile contrast with the smooth polished shell.


If you would like more details about this carving please contact Zoe.



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